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The 19 Most Common Questions Surrounding Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)

1) Am I eating GMOs?

2) Why aren’t GMOs labeled?

3) Why do farmers grow GMO crops?

4) How did GMOs get into 80% of food on grocery store shelves?

5) Will GMOs make me sick?

6) Who approved the use of GMOs?

7) Who Regulates GMOs?

8 ) What kind of testing has been done on GMOs to ensure they are safe?

9) Are GMOs cheaper?

10) Who owns GMOs?

11) Will GMOs help feed the growing population?

12) What are the nutritional benefits of GMOs?

13) If I have an allergy to a specific food how will I know if another food has been injected with a gene from the food I am allergic to?

14) If I eat organic will I be avoiding GMOs?

15) If a package says “contains no GMOs” is it true?

16) Why does our government allow us to be guinea pigs without our knowledge or consent?

17) How do we stop the propagation of GMOs in our food supply?

18) What sort of impact do GMOs have on our environment, and various insect populations?

19) What impact do GMOs have on future generations?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

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